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    An investigation continues знакомства the crash of a стюардессой aircraft стюарщессой a field between Знакомства and Creekford Стюардессой, in the west end of Kingston, on Wednesday night. We could "assume" that new jobs would also be created for this in Mirabel, thank you Airbus! Upload new content My uploads My photos My videos Votes. sex dating

    A year ago I released знакомства information regarding the investment Airbus was about to make at their Mirabel, Quebec A facility. But before we go on, let me elaborate on what I wrote yesterday regarding this immaculate white EgyptAir A departing for unknown pastures.

    If you're still not so sure about the destination, and as to why the airline prefers to remain incognito, I have a question for you: What do you know, exactly, about Air Sinai?

    Please, take a long hard look at the following video Are you "enlightened" now? As you read in my previous update, the current A production is not physically linear, as it involves so many aircraft movements toward its completion.

    The building added by Стюардессой called FAL final assembly line, the building just left of position D on the image is where the bulk of the work of the assembly process happens.

    The main body components of the aircraft are attached together. One thing to know is that unlike a car assembly line, for example, aircraft are built from the "outside going знакомства, like a house. On an aircraft assembly line the "outside" of the aircraft, its fuselage, is assembled, jointed together first and then most of the remaining work is done стюардессой adding layers of components "inside", to conclude with the carpets and the seats, much more like building a house, but a flying one!

    Currently five 5 sections of the A aircraft are initially attached together in the FAL building, then the wing, the landing gears and engines later into another building. Presently those aircraft fuselage components are empty of any "interior" wiring, tubing, electronics boxes, isolation, walls, floor, etc.

    Those are installed further down the line after the aircraft is стюардессой. But all this will change. This is not optimum but this is what Airbus inherited with the acquisition of the A assets. If you care to look at how the A assembly line works, at Mobile, Alabama, for instance, that will give you some clues on what Airbus will be creating in Mirabel, Quebec, as well as at the new A assembly line in Mobile, Alabama.

    Then the wing and the landing gear, and once again, ending up with an empty aircraft. The front fuselage is delivered from China to Bombardier Ville St-Laurent facility where it is attached to the cockpit.

    Remember the Alamo? I remember how the Hilton Palacio del Rio was built in San Antonio, Знакомства The Prefabricated Approach read about how this Hotel was built back in and delivered ahead of schedule when the construction company's IBM calculated that it was impossible. Modular units were built complete with plumbing fixtures, lighting, art work, furnishings and even ash trays.

    I've seen and heard about this hotel many times when in San Antonio. See the video below, very interesting! To be more efficient and to increase the production rate Airbus will need to bring Mirabel toward the level they achieve elsewhere. From the current five 5 aircraft sections attached together before installing the wing and the landing gears Airbus wants to drop this to three 3 fuselage parts only, splitting the aircraft in three 3the rear, the middle section and the front.

    I'm not mentioning the horizontal and vertical stabilizers and the tail cone that also need to be attached to the aircraft. This should prove to increase the production rate. Airbus A final assembly www. Pre-joining some of those fuselage parts will be accomplished "before" entering the FAL building.

    A new building will be built to move some of the work ahead and out of the final assembly line, before those parts enter the FAL. That new стюардессой should be located on the east side of the current Mirabel FAL building, where lays the beginning of the A assembly line. See position D on the first image at the top of the article.

    This also means that the suppliers would have to deliver "totally completed" components, thus no more workers any more from the suppliers, on site, making adjustment or final completion in the FAL.

    This also applies to Bombardier UK and the wing. But that's not all. Montreal and Mirabel will also be pre-assembling and completing A fuselage sections to be sent to Mobile for the new Стюардессой A assembly line, starting in The goal is to have most of the final floor installed, all the wiring, piping, electronic boxes, lavatories, etc.

    An investment is required by Airbus at their Mirabel A facility to achieve this; a new "Pre-FAL" building will be needed and to be located at position D on the map at the top of this article. Montreal and Mirabel will also be pre-assembling and completing A fuselage sections to be sent to Mobile, Alabama new A assembly line. We could "assume" that new jobs would also be created for this in Mirabel, thank you Airbus!

    As it is, the знакомства plans have changed quite a bit. Initially, the pre-FAL was to be built directly facing the entrance of the current FAL, where the fuselage components enter the assembly line, but all of this changed when Mitsubishi appeared in the picture. As you should remember, I wrote many times in the past that Airbus was looking forward for Bombardier to totally vacate the A site.

    As of this writing, Bombardier still operates its CRJ assembly facility within the Airbus facility at Mirabel airport.

    But, now Bombardier has sold still waiting for the last signatures on this one While eliminating the need to erect a new building, the projected sub-facility happens to be standing on the wrong side from where the A FAL begins. Currently being planned is to have the pre-fabricated A fuselage components moved around the A FAL, from the west side around знакомства the east side where they are actually needed.

    Components bound for the Mobile, Alabama A FAL will then have an easy access to the aircraft ramp, should Airbus decide to change the modus operandi of the shipments to Alabama.

    Currently, what is being produced in Quebec is delivered to Mobile by truck, a 22h drive of km, over miles. Thus, it will be pretty hard to detect a tangible знакомства in the Mirabel A yearly production before any of this is brought to a fruitful completion. Currently Airbus has a delivery target of 47 A aircraft in and 65 in It manufactures wiring, electrical harnesses, avionics furniture and equipment for Airbus, Boeing, Mitsubishi, Dassault, Thales, Saffran, etc.

    November 28, - by Laurent Marcaillou for lesechos. The coveted entity manufactures cabling for Bombardier aircraft and other aircraft manufacturers. Highly indebtedthe Canadian manufacturer is offloading its aeronautical activities by retaining only business jets. The latter has achieved an average turnover of 60 million dollars for three years with employees. These factories are located in Queretaro in знакомства Mexican Aeronautical Basin.

    The operation still depends on the due diligence procedures, the implementation of funding and regulatory approvals, warns the group. It manufactures cables, electrical знакомства, avionics furniture and equipment for Airbus, Boeing, Mitsubishi, Dassault, Thales, Safran, etc November 28, - by Malek Murison for dronelife. Looking for a drone deal as we head into the holiday season? A number of drone industry manufacturers have launched Black Friday promotions, with a range of offers already live across consumer and professional photography gear, drones, and more.

    November 28, - by Aviation Tribune for aviationtribune. November 28, - by Gary Leff for viewfromthewing. The one really customer-unfriendly part of Southwest Airlines is their legal department. I consider them to be cyberbullies. They keep Rapid Rewards members from updating account balances through Award Wallet, they keep customers from being checked in automatically 24 hours out, they keep customers from tracking price changes стюардессой no change fees, an informed customer could cut into revenue and federal computer crimes laws are far too skewed towards giving companies power.

    Southwest got SW Monkey, the site that helped you track fare changes, shut down quickly. The site complied with the demand that they stop running the service, but Southwest insisted they take down the site entirely and not tell customers what happened. When they failed to do so, Southwest sued.

    That suit is over and a court ruling over a motion to dismiss and a request for attorneys' fees makes for fascinating reading In unusual move, regulators in Europe, Middle East plan independent certification reviews of Boeing's next new aircraft. November 28, - by Benjamin Katz and Andy Pasztor for wsj. European and Middle Eastern regulators will conduct independent certification reviews of Boeing Co. They are also the latest measure of how significantly the MAX's woes have shaken up long-established Стюардессой investigation continues into the crash of a small стюардессой into a field between Highway and Creekford Rd, in the west end of Kingston, on Wednesday night.

    The first reports of an aircraft in distress were made to Kingston Police shortly after 5 p. Boeing got an unexpected jolt in September when engineers in Everett put the new X airframe through an extreme test of its structural strength. Just as the test approached its target stress level, an explosive depressurization tore through the fuselage. Boeing has kept the details secret, but photos obtained by the Seattle Times show that the extent of the damage was greater than previously disclosed and earlier reports were wrong about crucial details.

    A passenger door that blew out and fell to the factory floor was a secondary impact of the initial rupture, which was located far below the door.

    November 27, by Vertical Flight Society. This pioneering event prompted the formation of a stealth company with the знакомства purpose of pursuing the development of this new unique technology. In September ofthe Company reorganised as Opener and relocated the majority of its operations from Canada to the Silicon Valley of California to pursue an unencumbered and accelerated development timeline. In AprilOpener announced the appointment of aerospace industry veteran and innovator, Ben Diachun to the senior leadership team as President.

    Diachun came to Opener from Scaled Composites, the aerospace company that worked with the late Paul Allen to design and fly SpaceShipOne, an experimental air-launched rocket-powered aircraft. During his 16 years at Scaled Composites, Diachun was involved in the development and flight testing of 16 different innovative aircraft. BlackFly has two wings and eight electric motors.

    It can take-off and land vertically like a helicopter and transition to forward flight and cruise like a fixed-wing biplane. A lifelong pilot, Eustace flies fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, parachutes and paragliders. On Oct. Opener is now producing the first BlackFly v3 aircraft for sale to the general public while flight testing of unmanned aircraft prototypes continues at secret locations in Canada and the United States. Powered by RebelMouse. Follow Fliegerfaust.

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