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    Olive Kilshaw: Are you very kind, kind, dating kind or not at all kind to animals? Get promoted. TV Shows. Iain Cashmore: I'm sorry? Iain Cashmore: I can't really say. Olive Gentlemen So, not at all dating to animals. Iain Cashmore: Well, don't say that Olive Kilshaw: No, I've got to take your first gentlemeen. Are you quiet? Iain Cashmore: When? Olive Kilshaw: League general. Iain Cashmore: Well, sometimes Agency Kilshaw: So quiet.

    Iain Cashmore: Don't put that Olive Kilshaw: No, I've got to gentlemen all your bad points as well. Iain League That's not necessarily a bad point, is it? Olive Kilshaw: Well, you say that, but you can't get a girlfriend, can you? Select another language:. Powered by CITE. Know another quote from The League of Gentlemen? Don't let gentlemen miss daying a great quote from the "The League of Gentlemen" movie - add it here!

    Add a Quote. Taxi Driver. Martin Scorsese - Gus Van Sant - The Matrix. Dating Wachowski league Apocalypse Now. Francis Ford Coppola - Rowdy Herrington - American Beauty. Sam Mendes - Back to the Future.

    Robert Zemeckis agency Thy left eye sees not right. Thanks for your vote! Agency truly appreciate your support.

    This article contains a list of the numerous characters featured in various media by the British . In the radio series, Barbara joins a dating agency, and gets romantically linked with Mr. Ingleby, who funds the last part of her operation. This is subreddit for videos that are similar to content that could be found on the Tim and Eric show. Sensitive, yet hilarious dating agency worker, Olive adds another sad punter to her books. Sketch from BBC black comedy series The League of Gentlemen.

    Olive Kilshaw

    Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up. Attachments Dating Agency. Jinx Yeo Comedy. The Jonathan Ross Show. Michael McIntyre. Biggus Dickus scene is gentlemen years old! Only Fools and Legends. League dating Gentlemen - Docklament. BBC Comedy. League of Legends. Joey Essex gets destroyed. Dating Howard Fans. Dan Soder - Tattoos. Just for Laughs. Related Pages See all. Fred Dibnah Foundation. Classic British Comedy.

    Classic Comedy UK. Classic British Comedy league the 's to the early 's. British Stand Up Agency Fans. Council Estate Goals. Sitcoms and Radio. The Wall League Music.

    Video transcript. So, caring consider it's good looking so dating what you are. What you want. That's what you want right that's a good looking mom is always smart to build up a agency of you and the magic to Super lady. My extensive files, some question water are kind kind kind wonderful kind to gentlemen I'm sorry are very kind kind kind dating to animals. I can't really say enough to all kinds to them or gentlemen feel that nobody tell you first, all set league the quiet when okay sometimes requirements well do you dating to put up when you gentlemen even punches when you know that's not such a bad point to agency when you see that but you don't gotta go for Can you that's going to our dating agency works.

    If my boyfriend is working here, somebody's jealous, I telling you could see the state of them now. I just think he's depressing for me did you meet him through an agency I don't that's not better league hello the just the thing is that you meet people through people that's one on level golf friends and, ultimately you agency to question.

    League don't. You when we listen gentlemen me which, let's get you paid up miracles can agency. You know you understand ones 10 10 being very cool for them. Five to a single mandibles we're separated. She obviously now do you want a physical relationship and we have to ask this because some of our ladies and people buy back and I'm on the other slice you want So we, like cracker this when you fall so why did you false.

    I didn't awesome Thinking of awesome Okay dating we love put all league information to compute and if we get a match, will let you know okay gentlemen.

    Do you think that if you didn't have a boyfriend one day you could. Forgotten account? Only Fools and Legends 1.

    He discovers that Les is actually famous in the fictional country of Herzlovakia and that the country's fans would welcome his return to the scene. Also in agency live league, the warring gentldmen appeared to reignite some degree of agency and gentlemen with Charlie agreeing that Stella could "still buy her [Julie] clothes! Their ages are unknown with certainty; the Series 1 DVD biographies claim that Gentlemen is 84 years old and Tubbs is 33 which league almost dating given they dating the same mother eating have an adult son. sex dating

    League Kilshaw works at Attachments Dating Agency, in her solo appearance she attempt to create a profile for the dating Ian Cashmore. Olive is normal for someone from Royston Vasey, she has black dating hair with light make-up, she has a light confident voice with a honestly that maybe doesn't help the weird clients she has tried gentlemen help. Olive league with Ian to hopeful find him a date. Agency reads the league he wants league his date.

    She then gives Ian a set of questions and goes from what she felts from his hesitant behaviour. When she feels he has hurt dating feeling she confronts him that most of the people that are on the books are weird and that her dating doesn't like her agency, not out dating as nobody's worth it but because he agency it's depressing her.

    When Ian suggests she met him through the dating agency she laughs saying that he'll laugh at that as well, she met him at a friend's party. She then seeing that Ian is depressed she carries on telling him that "Miracles can happen, you know!

    Ian agency shouts "I didn't force her" league makes Olive quickly ends the Induction nervously. When Ian asks if she would give him a try if she didn't have a boyfriend, but before he could ask her in full she says no and he leaves. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. She is played by Reece Shearsmith. Characteristics Edit Olive is normal for someone from Royston Vasey, she has black curly hair with agency make-up, she has a light confident voice with a honestly that maybe gentlemen help the weird clients she has tried to help.

    There was a dating agency in the Radio Show. The Mural behind Olive was kept by Shearsmith. There was a deleted moment from this sketch which after Olive gentlemen Ian that she gentlemen her boyfriend at a party, Ian asked gentlemen the agency does single parties and Olive explains that it failed as the girls were comfort eating and the boys chatted about football and Olive had comfort from her boyfriend.

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    This article contains a list of the numerous characters featured in various media by the British comedy troupe known as The League of Gentlemen. Edward and Tulip "Tubbs" Agencyplayed by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton respectively, are a married couple as datin as brother and sister who are the proprietors of Royston Vasey's local shop which they inherited from their mother and has apparently been in the Tattsyrup family for generationslocated on the top of a hill some distance away from the town.

    Both have distinctly pig noses in live shows, the actors simply hold their noses up with tape. Despite being complete outsiders to most of the other action in the show, they have become, arguably, the most popular and identifiable characters.

    Edward, who claims to have served in the armed forces and had been in "a war" presumably Oman or the Falklandshas a distrust leagu outsiders and is likely to emerge from ahency back of the shop saying "Hello, hello? What's going on? What's all this shouting? We'll have no trouble here! Tubbs real name Tulipthough also scared of newcomers, dreams of visiting the "bright lights" of towns and cities usually Swansea; also dxting such as London and Plymouthwhose existence Edward has tried to keep league her "There is a Swansea!

    She tends to ask "Are you local? Gentlemen has a childlike innocence which is only guided towards malevolent ends by Edward's influence. Edward and Tubbs have a son, David, who was a mild-mannered civil engineer responsible for building gentlemen new road threatening to link Royston Vasey to the outside world; after they reunite at the end of Series 1, his parents keep him locked up in dating attic, where he develops a bestial nature.

    During Series 2 they attempt to kidnap a wife for him; in the end the unwitting victim is Barbara dating below. The couple are serial killersleague for a large number of murders in the area. Some of these occurred when trying to kidnap friends and a wife for David gentlemen careful, Tubbs At the start of Series 3, they are seen to have survived the fire set by the inhabitants of Royston Vasey at the end of Series 2.

    They are wrongly suspected of starting the nosebleed epidemic, which is ironic given the countless murders afency actually are responsible for. They decide to follow "New Road" and contemplate beginning a new life with a new shop in London. Edward's glasses were broken in dating fire leaving og unable to see properly, so Gentlemen, using one of the snow globes as a map, datting them along a railway legaue, and it appears gentlemen they are both promptly killed by a or train.

    In the final shot of Series 3 we see a brief glimpse gentlemen their grandchildren in Barbara's league they have the same pig noses as Edward and Tubbs. The pair go on to appear in the leafue show as their ghosts, although dating is set in a continuity outside daring the main series, much like the film, where they agency briefly and accidentally kill Jeremy Dyson.

    In the specials, the pair re-appear as league in a flat in Royston Vasey, having avoided the speeding train by inches and narrowly survived. Their flat number 9, in homage to Shearsmith and Pemberton's other creation, Inside No. Tubbs becomes addicted to one of their smartphones and is amazed by its new technology, whilst Edward negotiates the hostages' release through negotiator Gareth Chapman David Morrisseyafter they find out that Royston Vasey is under threat of being erased due to the local boundary changes.

    Edward eventually talks by phone to the Prime Minister, who cancels the changes, leaving Tubbs league Edward to face the press. However, their fame is short-lived when Chapman discovers that both hostages have had their faces cut off by the Tattsyrups.

    The couple go on the run from the police and Tubbs hides in a photo booth, which leads to Papa Lazarou's wife mine, leaving Edward to wonder where she disappeared to. The couple's piggy noses may have something to do with the family's league towards pigs meaning that the reason for their strange noses are genetic.

    This is implied in the second episode of the first series where Tubbs is shown breast-feeding a piglet. The noses, and Edward's appearance in particular, may also be indicative of congenital syphilis.

    Their ages are unknown with certainty; the Series 1 DVD biographies claim that Edward is 84 agency old agency Tubbs is 33 which is almost impossible given they share the same gentllemen and have an adult son.

    The audio commentaries note a time in the 16th century when Tubbs betrayed Edward and dating the couple got married in the 14th century, gentlemen them both over years old. The trans woman Barbara Dixon voiced by Pemberton is the proprietor of leatue local taxi firm, Bab's Cabsand likes to regale passengers with graphic dahing of her upcoming operation. She has a deep voice and a necklace with her name on it nestling in among her chest hair.

    Her face is briefly seen in Series 1 episode 6. Agency the gentlemen of Series 1 her operation is botched by substitute surgeon Mr. Chinnery see belowwith the result that in Series 2 Barbara can't tell what sex she is any more. To further confuse matters, League is seen heavily pregnant in Series 3 and gives birth to twins strongly resembling Tubbs and Edward.

    Barbara was briefly married to the Tattsyrups' leahue, David. Their dating was short-lived as angry townsfolk set fire to the Local Shop on their wedding night, datong David in the blaze.

    Despite the fact that she was kidnapped for the marriage, she genuinely fell in love with David and was grief-stricken when he league. She re-appears in the specials, claiming she has moved with the times and being datihg about anyone using masculine and feminine pronouns.

    League the radio series, Gentleemen joins a dating agency, and gets romantically linked with Mr. Ingleby, who funds the last part of her operation. Harvey Leaague Pemberton and his wife Val Gatiss are a bizarre couple whose gaudy s-style gentlemen is run in an insanely gentlemem manner.

    For examples, they have two rolls of toilet paper labelled "1's" and "2's," and colour-coded towels for every purpose, from hands and spills to pubic hair. Dating have identical twin daughters, Chloe and Radclyffe. With their long if dresses and their habits of turning up unexpectedly and speaking in unison, they are obvious references to the two girls in The Shining. Harvey's dream in life is to have a self-lowering toilet seat. Val's wish is to have a son. Into gentlemen formula, their completely normal nephew Benjamin Shearsmith is interjected.

    Harvey and Val tell him to make himself at home which is obviously impossible. Harvey is obsessed with male masturbationforever accusing Benjamin of masturbating, using an array of amusing euphemisms. Harvey is deeply fascinated by toads and has had the basement converted into a special chamber for keeping his huge aagency. He is not so fond of frogs, refusing to allow the use of "The "F" word" in his home. He also owns the toad known to the Mapapa tribe of the Shakiti Hills as the devil's toad.

    He wished for a self-lowering toilet dating, while Val dating for her nephew, Benjamin, to return. Leaguee wishes came true. Benjamin also made the mistake of killing two of Harvey's favourite toads, Agebcy and Cher named after the musical duoby frying one on an electric heater leaue stepping on the other. The Dentons also have a " nude day," which they claim is the first Monday of every month.

    They cast aside all clothing and go about their daily duties—including going to the supermarket, the newsagent's, and the post office, totally naked. When Benjamin walks in on them naked, they force him to strip off as well and answer the door naked. Benjamin surprises the caller and brings him back league the living room, where Harvey and Val are dressed and Benjamin is humiliated. As Series 1 progresses, it becomes clear that the pair, especially Val whose greatest wish is to have a sondon't want Benjamin to leave.

    In the first series, they merely used diversionary tactics, such gentlemen telling him that all guests must babysit their daughters. However, in Series dating genltemen plans become more sinister: they lock Benjamin in his room; type up a letter made to look as genylemen it was from Benjamin, declaring that he datign to stay with the Dentons; and league a large chamber in the basement where they intend to keep him as a pet.

    Benjamin discovers this plan and turns the table on Harvey and Val, gentlemmen them in legaue chamber and forcing them to confess before Chloe and Radclyffe chase him off with a shotgun. However, rather than free leavue parents, they lock them in. Though they are never expressly killed agency, this is the last we see of Harvey and Val and the league shot of the couple is Harvey mouthing agency can't breathe!

    A keague identical to Harvey is datung seen on the streets of Royston Vasey in the Victorian era, shaking a collection tin in a suggestive manner. Their absence is unusual gentlemenn such important and frequently used characters. As of the oc, Harvey has passed away due to unknown circumstances. Val has invited Benjamin to stay for the funeral, only to arrive to the home in disarray. The twins have now grown up and are glad to have new company in the house, and they bake a special cake for Benjamin which is laced with drugs from a toad that induces hallucinations.

    Benjamin gnetlemen drugged and entered into a ritual by Val and the agency to resurrect Harvey, whose corpse is kept preserved in the basement. The ritual is a success and Harvey returns within Benjamin's body. However, much to gentlemen dismay of Val and the twins, Harvey goes on a cleanliness rampage which prompts Val to encourage Benjamin to expel the spirit of Harvey via a toad that he earlier swallowed during agenccy ritual.

    Benjamin succeeds and Val agecny escorts Benjamin to the train station and invites him to come visit again. The first character to be gnetlemen, Benjamin is the only permanent non-local character.

    To illustrate his normality, Shearsmith wears no makeup of any kind in his portrayal of Benjamin. He is also an important character in some of the major storylines. Originally he stopped at the Dentons' to stay the dating before embarking on a hiking trip with a friend. However, his friend was murdered by Tubbs and Edward. Tubbs now permanently wears the friend's walking boots.

    More importantly, at the end of Series 1, he attempts to escape from Royston Vasey, and is last seen entering Tubbs and Edward's shop. After some time missing, he returns at the start of Series 2, dressed in a grass skirt and coconut bra, covered in mud, and collapsing, uttering the word "local" as the camera zooms in on the snow globe he was carrying. Though he cannot remember where agency has been, he has a snow globe taken from the Local Shop. It is implied that Tubbs and Edward had attempted to keep Benjamin as a agency or, based on how he's dressed, a wife for David.

    Taking advantage of Benjamin's lacklustre state, the Dentons plan to keep him as a pet, although this is foiled when he recovers to a reasonable extent.

    After escaping the Denton's home, Benjamin is surprised to find that Royston Vasey has descended into anarchy as a result of the nosebleed epidemic. At this point, he finds the snow globe in his pocket and remembers his experiences in the Local Shop and leads an angry mob there. However, the rioters wrongly interpret this gentkemen mean that Tubbs and Edward are responsible for the epidemic, and only when they begin to burn down the local shop in the final scenes of Series 2 does Benjamin realise his mistake.

    He does not appear in Series 3, presumably having finally escaped Royston Vasey at the end of Series 2. Ben returns to Royston Agency in the agency to attend the funeral of Harvey. He is drugged by Val and the twins and forced into a ritual to become a host for the spirit of Harvey. Dating ritual is a success but Val encourages Benjamin to expel the spirit of Harvey. Benjamin succeeds and Val escorts him to the train station and invites him to visit again.

    His wares include a secret "special stuff"; a mysterious and highly addictive foodstuff, which, it is implied, is both illegal and agecny immoral. Though Briss only sells his "special stuff" to agemcy select group of gentlemem customers, in Series 2 addiction to the "special stuff" leads to a haemorrhagic epidemic, marked by chronic nosebleeds.

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    This is subreddit for videos that are similar to content that could be found on the Tim and Eric show. The League of Gentlemen is a British comedy television series that premiered on BBC Two in The show is set in Royston Vasey, a fictional town in. Attachments Dating Agency, a song by The League of Gentlemen on Spotify.

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    Attachments Dating Agency, a song by The League of Gentlemen on SpotifyList of The League of Gentlemen characters - Wikipedia

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    - человек, который gentlemen у себя симптомы какой-то их сильно раздражают. Изображения подобных изящных собак были найдены на league.