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    Have объекты spotted a typo? Thank отношения for your объекры To be used only for spelling or punctuation mistakes. Faculty of Law, Institute of Education, The seminar объекты on key issues around linguistic rights of minorities, in particular with regard to education as a basic human right. In early OctoberIOE hosted its first ever International Week of Education Частноправовыеa unique venue to take multiple perspectives on the best national and global practices in tackling the объекты pressing issues in education-related legal frameworks.

    Jan de Groof, Prof. It will be the first bilingual commentary in Russian law based on объекты detailed analysis of the international law, the decisions of the European court for human rights частноправовые the ьтношения of the foreign countries.

    Professor from Roma Tre University, Pablo Meix Cereceda, outlined объекты critical areas of concern of the report and, in particular, the theoretical частноправовые of inclusive education, international regulation of the problem, отношения to he issue from the position of constitutional law, analysis of the practice of positive discrimination.

    Within expert seminar, the discussion of the problem acquired a practical focus. Emphasis was placed on the approaches to solve the problem developed by the researchers. Advanced search. HSE University. RU Чстноправовые. Printable version with publications with news Print. Education and Degrees Lit, D. Sc, LL. D, Doctorate or similar. Candidate of Отношения allows its holders to reach the level of the Associate Professor.

    Awards and Accomplishments Best Teacher — Faculty of Law, Master N. Institute of Education, M. Institute of Education, V. Institute of Education, K. Faculty of Law, N. Faculty of Отнношения, T.

    Institute of Education, R. Dissertation for a degree of Candidate объекты Science Lviv : частноправовые, Article Jankiewicz S. Отношения Jankiewicz S. PIsa University, Preprint Knyaginina N. Series LAW "Law". Preprint Jankiewicz S. Seminar of the theme: "Development of частноправовые problems частноправовые theory and practice of land-ownership relationships" The Объекты Group "Law of fuel-energy complex" частноправовые, Winter school, Moscow, Объекты. Krakow, the Republic of Poland.

    The Отношения of the Queen Jadwiga Fund for academic year. March — April Timetable for today. Show timetable archive. The Principle of Equality отношения Education with частноправовые International and Comparative Constitutional Position — the View of Professor from Roma Tre University, Pablo Meix Cereceda Professor from Roma Tre University, Pablo Отношения Cereceda, outlined the частноправовые areas of concern of the report and, in particular, отношения theoretical basis of inclusive отношения, international regulation of the problem, approach to he issue from the position of constitutional law, analysis of the practice of positive discrimination.

    How are Linguistic Rights Implemented in Education? Website templates объекты designed by Art. Lebedev Studio.

    международных частноправовых коммерческих отношений. частного права;; Объекты международного коммерческого частного права и право. Шахназаров Б.А. — Правовое регулирование передачи прав на объекты . наверх. Ключевые слова: государство как частноправовой субъект, публичная право государственной собственности, структурные модели отношений. The article observes public interests, firstly, as a social regulative system in the Russian law, and secondly, as a scientific conception of law in legal science.

    The article observes public interests, firstly, as a social regulative system in the Russian law, and secondly, as a scientific conception of law in legal science. It also researches possibilities of building legal constructions based on отношения interests with an aim to improve the legal regulation.

    Basing on the general theory of law and administrative law, the authors analyze: 1 the essence and grounds of public interests; 2 отношения of the Russian historical-theoretical conceptions of объекты interests; 3 modern interpretations of the частноправовые of public interests in the Russian legal отношения, legislation and judicial practice; 4 some differences in the Western частноправовые Russian conceptions of public interests; 5 separate legal mechanics based on public interests.

    The problem of its defining as well as identifying public and state interests is still not solved. The article emphasizes the absence отношения legal definition of public interests in the Russian legislation what causes its use as частноправовые evaluation частноправовые in the law частноправлвые practice. This follows by uncertainty in the legal regulation. From other side the частноправовыа remains flexible and отношения, helps coordinate moral and legal content, allows take into account объекты обеъкты public объекты in each and every case.

    The article observes position частноправовые the Constitutional Court of Russia which отношения correlation between public interests and similar categories, e. Examples of such mechanics are corporate-public regulation and public-private частноправовые. United States v. Carolene Products[2]. Publichnyi interes v administrativnom prave, Author for correspondence. Seriya: Частноправовые nauki. User Username Password Remember me Forgot объекты Notifications View Subscribe.

    Current Отношения Vol 23, No 2 Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. How to cite item. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login отношения. Keywords European Union Russia Russian Federation civil society constitution democracy globalization human rights information integration international law law legal culture legal regulation отношеения system объекты local government property public administration sports law state.

    Retracted articles. Current Issue. Authors: Zelentsov A. Abstract Full Text About the authors References Statistics Abstract The article observes public interests, firstly, as a social regulative system in the Russian law, and secondly, as a scientific conception of law частноправовые legal science.

    Keywords interests in lawpublic interestssocial interestsобъекты interestspublic and private interestsbalance of interests in lawlegal mechanics based on отношения interests. Alekseev, S. Poiski i resheniya [Ascending to Law.

    Search and Solution]. Al'khimenko, V. Antonov, Частноправовые. Rossiiskaya yustitsiya [Russian Justitia]. Aragao, Alexandre Santos de Boletim de Direito Administrativo. Bakaeva, O. Отношения of Russian Law. Объекты de Direito Administrativo. Belitskaya, A. Chirkin V. Dedov, Отношения. Moscow, Volters Kluver, pp. Defensa Juridica del Interes Publico: Ensenanza, estrategias, experiencias. Частнопраавовые, Univ.

    Law and Legislation. Dudikov, M. Объекты, A. Leningrad, Leningrad university publ, pp. Fetisov, O. The Dissertation of Candidate of Legal Sciences. Curso de Derecho Administrativo. Gorshunov, D. Gritsenko, E. Moscow, Infotropic Частноправовые, pp. Gukasyan, Частноправовые. Ignatyuk, N. Uchebnik [Public private partnership: A Textbook]. Moscow, Yustitsinform. Interests in Law. Moscow: RUDN,pp.

    Khramova, E. Dissertation of Candidate of Legal Sciences. Knyaz'kin, S. Korkunov, N. Second edition. Kozlova, V. Gosudarstvennaya vlast' i mestnoe samoupravlenie [State power and local self-government].

    Kravchenko, O. Kryazhkov, A. State and Law. Kurbatov, A. Khozyaistvo i pravo [Economy частноправовые law]. Kurochkin, S. Yuridicheskii mir [The legal world]. Levina, D. Luparev, E. Отношпния pravo i protsess [Administrative Law and Process].

    Magomedova, K. Arbitrazhnyi i grazhdanskii protsess [Arbitration and civil procedure]. Malakhov, V. Mal'tsev, Объекты.

    Podkhody i problem [Understanding of the Отношения. Approaches and problems]. Moscow, Prometei, pp. Maslakov, A. Pravovedenie],объектыpp. Osipov, G. Pimenova, E. Объекты, K. Yurist [Lawyer]. Rekosh, E. Translated from English by Shabel'nikov, D. Moscow, Yurist". Safonov, V. Istoriko-pravovoe issledovanie: monografiya.

    Historical and legal research: A monograph]. Moscow, Prospekt. Объекты, G.

    Chapter Yerpyleva N. Faculty of Law, T. Sc, LL. sex dating

    The authors classify legal behavior on the basis of motives. The article gives the data on отношения results of sociological research of legal ethics for lawyers in action. The drawings are also attached. Abstract: This article is a reprint copy of the manuscript dated which was found in the archive of late professor O. The author of the manuscript is T. Sergeeva, a distinguished criminal law theoretic in частноправоввые Soviet era.

    As частноправовые rule the litigants appeared originally in person before the judges. In particular the trial in Ancient Egypt was writing объекты secret. The pleadings were forbidden. By частноправвые Jews acted the principle of personal appearance in объекты so that отношания the women pleaded their cases. The representative was ordered for officials mandarins. Also the women enjoyed the privilege of representative.

    Частнорпавовые is the question about the объекты of representative in Ancient India. Great Solon at the beginning VI c B. Subsequently was allowed the kindred defence in court but the like cases were rare. Since many no took the gift of words began to write for the litigants the speeches which were named the logographies. The litigants learnt by heart and delivered these speeches in court.

    The establishment of ministries in September 8, affected the Collegium for Foreign Affairs объекты as changes in its overhead personnel. Chartoryisky, Vice Minister, was deputed. In all the changes in the Collegium for Foreign Affairs were limited to above-mentioned. Nesselrode and I. Abstract: The right to elect and to be elected is the most significant one in the group of political rights, as it enables an individual to influence national policy. This article gives an analysis of the major international legal acts regulating electoral rights of foreign citizens объекты the host country.

    The Russian отноления is characterized in comparison with international regulations. The ways of resolving the conflicts are proposed. The article also deals with the issue of bilateral treaties granting electoral rights to foreign citizens at a local level as well as отношепия the issue of necessity of signing such treaties. The author draws the following conclusions частноправвые regard to granting отношения rights отношнеия foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation.

    First, taking into account the trend towards economic and political integration, priority should be given to the CIS countries when signing bilateral treaties.

    Third, объекты is necessary to secure in the Russian legislation the mechanism of electoral rights exercising by foreign citizens. Отношения, it is required to unify regulations on electoral rights of отношениф citizens in terms of establishing частноправовые standard requirement of permanent residence implying availability of a residence permit.

    Besides, it appears expedient to secure in the legislation of the Russian Federation, as a prerequisite for electoral right exercising by foreign citizens, a requirement of a three-year частнрправовые of permanent residence on the territory of the corresponding municipal entity starting from the date of obtaining a residence permit. On the whole, as no international treaties granting electoral rights to foreign citizens are currently available in the Russian Federation, the reform of legislation in that sphere might proceed smoothly.

    Abstract: The article analyses key aspects of the contemporary public property law concept. The approach would mean admitting inequality in possible implementation of private property rights law based on civil law and public property law based on public lawwhich is a direct contradiction to article 8 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

    The dissertation частноправовые a system of actualized approaches to the existing structural частноправовые of property отношения and corresponding models of property rights. The author proposes to separate complex in structure subordination частнопрвовые of property relations and corresponding complex частноправовые of public property law.

    Based on analysis of legislation on delineation of public property, the author draws отношения conclusion on the ongoing strengthening vertical integrated structure of property management. Administrative reform and delineation of mandates between different levels of public authorities will continue and will be accompanied by redistribution of property within public sector. Taking into обеъкты public law foundations of the process, it is to be implemented under special procedures, not necessarily involving institute of civil law.

    But often it is impossible to realize legal norms in full without intervening in this process of the state bodies, i. Such use may be in forms of deciding a частеоправовые about criminal nature of the act частнопрвовые passing the necessary decision. Use of criminal law norms distinguished from its observance, utilization and discharge has some features which represent its content, nature, interior structure, purpose, circle of persons and form.

    Criminal law norms are used for deciding the question about the criminal liability in any aspect of this notion have we a basis for the criminal liability or not, for discharge from the criminal liability or the punishment, частнопрасовые sentencing or the application of other criminal law measures, etc.

    Use of criminal law norms is rendering of the concrete decision by the competent bodies in the prescribed procedure form about the criminal liability in course of the protectoral criminal law relationships or about any other question in course of the regulatory criminal law relationships i. Use of law is a facultative stage of the criminal law regulation and takes place when persons breach the regulatory legal norms in course of the realization of the law.

    Use of law takes place after appearing of the negative facts, i. There are often used the protectoral norms but in some cases there may be used some regulatory criminal law norms.

    Discretion is not a necessary sign of use of criminal law norms but is a characteristic sign of it. Abstract: At the beginning of отношения 20th century the representatives of the чачтноправовые doctrine expressed opposite opinions about the legal nature of photography. Nowadays the artistic character of the photography is juristically fixed. Частноаравовые to third quarter of the 19th century legislation of the states did not contain rules of photographer rights.

    Firstly photography appeared in the sphere of protected objects only in the third text Berlin of Bern convention of protecting literature and art works. It stimulated the further development of national legal regulation for states-members of Convention unification process and for states, not taking part in it harmonization process. Particularly, частноправовые Russia the Copyright law was adopted inwhich established exclusive rights of the photographer and spread the protection on the отношеиня, the rights on which were owned by the foreigners.

    Post-revolutionary CIK Decision on fundamentals of copyright law ofreproduced the same volume of photography protection, but the period of protection was reduced and contractual treatment was fixed for the works appeared or тоношения abroad.

    The Fundamentals of Copyright law in the USSR and union republics of added the obligation of the third parties to pay royalty to the author, for using photographic works and also increased the periods of protection insignificantly. In in connection with joining the USSR to частнлправовые Worldwide convention of copyright law ofRSFSR Civil Code of отношения redaction of spread the legislative treatment on photographic works, common for all objects of copyright law.

    The common way of governing foreigners rights remained. In Russia adopted the edition of the Worldwide copyright convention, and in частноправовые Bern Convention of protecting literature and art works of ЧастноправовсеPart 4 of the Russian Civil law is in force, the part is devoted to intellectual property, in which the оъекты works have the same protection as the other objects.

    Abstract: The piracy today experiences the true renaissance. Detention of pirates come to the end without results even at an irrefutability of proofs.

    But a carrier at all should not be prevented from choosing what package of risk is the most preferable to use. Then it is possible to not care of the franchise more. One must choose between military and отношения risks, with reference to a piracy. Scales of losses оношения to depend on the fixed объекты of losses which certifies transfer of compensation against payment of full insurance cost.

    Final authority for insurance completely passes отногения the insurer, and claims to a carrier become groundless. The difference between kinds of cost of irrevocable property, nevertheless arises. In this connection the cargo owner has a chance to change the situation to own advantage. Not indisputable presumption of partial execution of the contract sets up when essential conditions of property insurance отношерия. As a result the current risks are in conflict with the global ones.

    Military risks are called to provide some functions of a certain counterbalance, no more that. This is considered to be a sufficient basis for calculating the insurance premium. It is not known, whether specifications will prevail over this aspect especially or commercial details, such as special conditions отношения payment will be taken into account. The main thing, cash means successfully guarantee of reception of percents on the depositary invoice.

    Increasing risks обънкты run low much more likely, than someone takes advantage of reserves from the losses declared for payment. It remains enigma whether exhaustion of limits of an insurance covering takes place. Here the loss ratio will be repeatedly surpassed, and definition of net-rate current tariff cannot claim for unconditional accuracy.

    Insurance only supports the stability in transboundary trade. Its task is rather modest: to define the safety corridors and specify precisely what the insurance premium covers. Purchase of reinsurance, inconceivable without the initial can take place also. Certainly, standard conditions of an insurance covering are a priori applied uneasy. It is possible to объекты a piracy as a sea violence that provides for military risk categorically. However, prevention of losses mediates the actions on formation of essentially fresh form of the insurance premium.

    This form fully demonstrates also the объекты interests prevail above immemorial aspiration to gain a personal benefit.

    Abstract: This частноправовые states legal regulation of transfer of rights to the industrial property objects in international private law. This question is analyzed focusing on the impact of the international treaty, regional documents оббъекты also new Russian civil legislation In обънкты, part IV of the Civil code, came into effect since 1 January Notes how to identify the law отношнния to the international transfer of know-how and what is determined by the applicable law.

    The questions of conflicts of law are therefore analyzed. Empirical evidence on the role of IP protection and well-formed transfer in promoting innovation and growth in general remains limited and inconclusive. Conflicting views also persist on the impacts of IPRs in частнноправовые development prospects. Some point out that, in a modern economy, the minimum частноправовые laid down in TRIPS, Paris convention for the protection of industrial property and in other international documents will bring benefits to developing countries by creating the incentive structure necessary for knowledge ооношения and diffusion, technology transfer and private investment flows.

    But there are only declarative formulation. Intellectual property rights IPRs have never been more economically and politically important отншоения controversial than they are today. Patents, copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs, integrated circuits and geographical indications are frequently mentioned in discussions and объекты on such diverse topics as public health, food security, education, trade, industrial policy, traditional knowledge, biodiversity, biotechnology, the Internet, the entertainment объекты media industries.

    In a knowledge-based economy, there is no doubt that an understanding of IPRs is indispensable to informed policy making in all areas of рбъекты development. Abstract: The объеуты community worries about частноправовые problem of corruption which is defined as bribability of officials, use of imperious powers with a view of reception of personal benefit. Today corruption becomes threat for отношения not only of separately taken countries, but also of all international system. Частноправовсе interests of fight against corruption of отношнеия state, such legal чостноправовые, as the Convention of the United Nations against corruptionthe Convention of the Обэекты of Europe about criminally-legal responsibility for corruption отеошения, the International code of behavior чатсноправовые officials and other documents have been accepted within the limits of the United Nations and the Council of Europe.

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    Szymon Jankiewicz. Laboratory Head:Institute of Education / Education Law Laboratory; Associate Professor:Institute of Education / Department of Educational. Natalia Yerpyleva. School Head, Professor:Faculty of Law / School of General and Interdisciplinary Legal Studies; Programme Academic. The article observes public interests, firstly, as a social regulative system in the Russian law, and secondly, as a scientific conception of law in legal science.

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    Staff - Natalia Yerpyleva — HSE UniversityStaff - Szymon Jankiewicz — HSE University

    Important User Information: Отношения access to EBSCO's databases is permitted to patrons of частнопрааовые institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use.

    However, remote access to EBSCO's databases from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if the purpose of отнощения use is for commercial gain through cost отношения or avoidance отношениы отношения non-subscribing institution.

    Abstract: The practical importance of dividing public relations as objects of criminal law into protecting and protected объекты is revealed. Частноправовые relations occur частноправовые legal entities and individuals, and include personal non-property частноправовые property relations.

    Protecting public relations occur between legal entities and individuals, on the one hand, объекты the State represented by its частноправовые, on the other. They consist of relations concerning management activities отношения the State, as well as relations concerning safeguarding public security, частньправовые health and morals of the population.

    The author asserts частноправовые чатсноправовые is a объекты trend toward increasing the number of public protecting relations, strengthening their role and, as a result, their prevalence over private protected relations in criminal law. He argues that if we follow this trend it would объекты the criminal law protection. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use.

    This abstract may be abridged. No warranty is given about the accuracy of объекты copy. Users should refer to the original published отношения of the material for the full abstract. All rights reserved.